Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Enrolling Now for The College of Aspiring Artists Opening Session
I Am My Brother's Keeper Edutainment Voucher is Available
Contact:  Bishop Alfonzo Madden at: 870.377.1701

Also... Joins us at the MLK 2016 Dumas Salute

City PRIDE Year-end Community Forum, Faith, Family and Fellowship Gathering

On Monday, December 28th City PRIDE, Positive Results in Dumas-Everyday, will unite with leaders from across the city and state from the faith, youth, business, creative and educational arenas to bring forth the Year-end City PRIDE Community Forum, Faith and Fellowship Gathering. The series concludes the monthly forums and fellowships which are normally set for the last Thursday in each month. 

The gatheringwill take place at HMC located at Waterman and Walnut.
The program starts at 5:30pm with a community youth and family forum designated for all persons/leaders who desire to join the discussion regarding positive resultsthat continue to transpire in the city while also reflecting on some of the challenges that Dumas is facing that stills requires faith in God and strategic planning and uniting among all the people.

From the murders to the mass feeding and empowerment programs beginning with the MLK Holiday Community Luncheon and Television Screening at the Dumas Community Center and HMC with Way Maker Ministries of New Orleans and The College of Aspiring Artists earlier this year, many people have joined in to bring comfort and joy to hundreds of residents in need. City PRIDEs Thanks for GivingAwards and Festival Day merged to the most recent Christmas giveaway with Lisa Simmons and her program partners adding another moment of joy, stated Rev. Arthur L. Hunt, Jr., Senior Pastor of HMC- 
Hunt Memorial Cathedral of Faith.

At 7pm the Faith and Fellowship Gathering invites all spiritual, community, youth and faith leaders to unite in a time of praise, worship and thanksgiving and end the year together. Bishop Alfonso Madden will focus on a theme Look Where He Brought Us From.Bishop Madden recently set up the "I Am My Brother Keeper" Memorial Scholarship in honor of Kentarrious Madden, Michael Reeves, and Jeffery Morgan with the mission of reaching other young people to have productive lives through education. All ministries are invited to join and participate.

City PRIDE was proud to present the 2015 Community Servant Award to Mrs. Hattie Watts, and the Clergy Leader Award to Pastor Jasper Jackson, Jr., Founder of Harvest Time Ministries in Mitchellville.
For a complete look at City PRIDE 2015 community impact, how to get involved and a first look at whats coming to Dumas/Desha in 2016 visit 

Happening Now- The Launch of our GoFundMe for Redevelopment the West Dumas Community Family Life Center

"I Am My Brother’s Keeper" Memorial Scholarship Narrative
Bishop Alfonso Madden, Founder

The College of Aspiring Artists is committed to making professional creative economy and entertainment careers possible for students from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. The “I Am My Brother’s Keeper” Scholarship has been created to encourage the participation in Dumas/Desha and the southeast Arkansas community programs and organizations who work with or support students from backgrounds typically who would not have access to such coursework and development for aspiring creative talents with interests in professional creative careers. This could include, but is not limited to, students of color, disabled students, first-generation college students or students who are economically disadvantaged. The inaugural class will focus on young men who will be challenged to remember the lives of other young men who were killed due to violence and encourage them to see how they can make a difference with help and hope from others. 

The standard award amount for this scholarship is $1200. However, the award may be increased depending on program length, financial need or total program cost by The College of Aspiring Artists. The tuition is for a full one year term from The College of Aspiring Artists coursework.  It is set with a minimum goal of 12-24 students enrolled. 

The scholarships will allow these participants a one-year term from the new TCAA campus at DTEC-Delta Technology Education Center in Dumas, Arkansas as specified in the Scholarship Narrative document.

For information and enrollment opportunities please call 870.623.81789. 

~Recent Happenings...
2015 City PRIDE “Thanks for Giving” Awards and Festival Day—
November 14th West Dumas Community Family Life Center
12noon-3pm | 501 West Bowles| Dumas, AR| 71639

The Happenings:

A Celebration of Delta Creativity, Music, Arts, Food, Families and more is on the way. 2015 City PRIDE “Thanks for Giving” Festival Day is just around the corner— It is the 10th year of the Annual “Thanks for Giving” Celebration now with the added City PRIDE boys and girls and youth and young adult features.

The festival brings the city together and attracts persons from across to Delta to come and celebrate City P.R.I.D.E.- Positive Results in Dumas- Everyday. Past Festival Days have brought over 1,000 persons to the West Dumas Community Family Life Center Festival Days.

Ø Positive Awards to Youth and Young Adults; includes talent and creative contest for youth and aspiring creative talents to win scholarships with “earn while you learn” benefits.
Ø 2015 Mentor/Leadership/Service Awards to Proven Leaders of Service
Ø Literacy and Book Fair
Ø College Recruitment Fair
Ø Workforce Empowerment Zone with Job Opportunities
Ø Holiday Vendor Expo- Inviting small businesses and startup businesses to bring a table of goods to “show and sell” just in time for the holiday gifts.
Ø A “Taste of the Churches” Yes- their love and holiday joy but also ‘a taste of great holiday food showcasing their best recipes and cooks’

Thanksgiving Day 10am-11am 
Community Thanksgiving Prayer Service with local Pastors and National Day of Prayer Leaders.  Details TBA  on November 14 at the West Dumas Community Family Life Center 
2015 " Thanks For Giving" City PRIDE Festival Day 

October 29th HMC- Hunt Memorial Cathedral of Faith
v  6pm-7pm, City Forum with Youth Programs Leading the Way to a Better Dumas-TODAY!
v  7pm-9pm, Fellowship and Memorial Scholarship with Bishop Alfonso Madden:
     Lessons on Forgiveness, Part I.   

-Saturday, September 24th – 26th
~Three Days of Uplifting, Love and Reconnecting~

The Forum- The Revival- The Book

Calling All Young Men and Women… Boys and Girls… The Community

Bishop Alfonso Madden who lost his grandson to a senseless murder this summer and others from across the city, state and nation along with host Pastor, Rev. Arthur L. Hunt, Jr., D.D., are presenting this with a prayerful goal.  Not only his grandson but other young men were gunned down in our streets and this moment comes forth to bring positive discussion, action and solutions to help advance Dumas/Desha youth and young adults and families beyond some of the challenging concerns that have occurred this year and other matters that have been ongoing that require the power of God and power of “oneness” to bring about a change and betterment for all the people in Dumas and southeast, Arkansas.  Bishop Madden is Pastor of Christ Temple Pentecostal and Bethel Temple Pentecostal and will be joined by his congregations as well. 

Part I.  Thursday and Friday, 6pm—7pm- ‘We Listen-We Share’
Remembering the Young Men Who We Lost to Violence and Murder

Ø Setting Up A Memorial Scholarship Fund in Their Honor
Ø Setting Up Programs for After-school and Night Life Events
Ø Father and Sons and Fathers and Daughters Networks
Ø Fatherhood Mentoring for Those Who Need a Father

                      Part II.   7pm on Thursday and Friday |
Bishop Alfonso Madden will lead a community revival aimed to bring life and healing to Dumas with a special emphasis on the young men and women who are affected by the social ills of crime, drugs, violence, etc.   He will preach God's Word and be joined by concerned members in the Body of Christ from across Dumas, Desha and across the state of Arkansas. 

               Part III. Saturday: 8am-12noon

      “Father Deficiency” Book Tour with Author Bishop Frank Stewart

On Saturday, Bishop H. Stewart will discuss his book, Father Deficiency: 29 Things Every Person Needs To Know Who Was Reared Without A Good Father, and what individuals and organizations can do to help persons deal with these deficiencies on Saturday, September 26 from 9am-12noon.  The session will kick off with an 8am “I Am My Brother’s Keeper’s Prayer Breakfast and will be the final session a health fair is included and is being presented in part by the Arkansas Minority Health Commission.

Pastor Stewart is originally from Forrest City, AR, where he graduated from high
school. He then moved to Little Rock, AR and attended the University of Arkansas
at Little Rock. He has also attended Central Baptist College in Conway, AR, where
he clepped out of many Bible courses by scoring the highest entrance exam test
score in the history of the college. Pastor Stewart is the loving husband of First
Lady Jacqueline Y. Stewart. They have been happily married for twenty-eight
wonderful years. To this blessed union have been added four beautiful children:
Frank Nicolas, Candace Marie, Philip Joseph, and Charity Denise.

Pastor Stewart managed in the restaurant business for many years. He worked for
such chains as Pizza Hut and the McDonalds Corporation. He excelled on the
corporate level at McDonald's as an area supervisor. There, he was placed over
several different restaurant stores as an Area Supervisor until he accepted the call

of God to go to Conway, AR to begin Pastoring a church.

more info at:

On Monday, September 21st  from 9am-10am, City PRIDE- Positive Results in Dumas-EVERYDAY, presented a statewide community radio and online discussion themed, "I Am My Brother's Keeper" City PRIDE Radio and Online Forum   Featured panelists included Bishop Alfonso Madden and Bishop Frank Stewart and others from across the city, state and nation joined host, Rev. Arthur L. Hunt, Jr., D.D., CEO, of The College of Aspiring Artists.  The leaders discussed their work across Arkansas with a special empowerment emphasis on Dumas/Desha and southeast, AR.   Bishop Stewart  discussed his book, Father Deficiency: 29 Things Every Person Needs To Know Who Was Reared Without A Good Father, and what individuals and organizations can do to help persons deal with these deficiencies.  

The goal continues to bring positive discussion, action and solutions to help advance Dumas/Desha youth and young adults and families beyond some of the challenging concerns that have occurred this year and other matters that have been ongoing that require the power of God and power of “oneness” to bring about a change and betterment for all the people in Dumas and southeast, Arkansas.  “We want people who are hearing about Dumas to hear what’s good in Dumas and what’s in positive motion to help guide and further advance our community.  I’m prayerful that this radio forum and these three days will be a key part  that God will pour out His spirit richly which will broaden this work for His glory and  better engage the local groups to come together while at the same time allow the community to see that other leaders and programs are teaming up along the way to do God's Will,” stated Hunt earlier.