Thursday, November 24, 2016


2016 I AM MY BROTHER’S KEEPER Days of Empowerment,Thanksgiving Weekend 

City PRIDE will host the 2016 I AM MY BROTHER’S KEEPER Days of Empowerment this Thanksgiving Weekend at HMC-Hunt Memorial Cathedral of Faith.   Bishop Alfonso Madden is the Founder of the community foundation and scholarship program aimed to uplift youth and families who have or who are facing challenges due to violence, poverty and other deficiencies, especially boys ages 12-24 who need strong mentoring and support during their formative years. Scholarships are provided to assist this group in continuing their education and proceeds raised during this weekend series will benefit the scholarship fund. 

Jarret Purdue from Chicago, Illinois, a mentor and minister will be the speaker. Elder Perdue has served as a Regional Director and Chaplain for the International Pentecostal Young People’s Union (IPYPU) of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. (PAW).  He is a musician and has traveled outside the USA as a leader helping to motivate inspire young people to put their lives on a positive track. 

The goal is to bring positive discussion, action and solutions to help advance Dumas/Desha youth and young adults and families beyond some of the challenging concerns that have occurred during the past few years along with other matters that have been ongoing that require the power of God and power of “oneness” to bring about a change and betterment for all the people in Dumas and southeast, Arkansas.  “We want people who are hearing about Dumas to hear what’s good in Dumas and what’s in positive motion to help guide and further advance our community.  I’m prayerful that this series will be a key part which will broaden this discussion and hopefully better engage the local groups to come together while at the same time allow the community to see that other leaders and programs are teaming up along the way,” stated Rev, Arthur L. Hunt, Jr., D.D., earlier. 

The program begins on Friday night, November 25th at 7pm and on Saturday evening at 6pm and all church, youth, civic and community programs and leaders are invited to attend. Additional details can be found by calling 870.382.2007.  

Friday, November 18, 2016



Share your thoughts and comments here and on our city pride dumas Facebook page to help us with a major presentation that moves our city forward- We are uplifting the entire community of Dumas and southeast AR.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

10th Annual “Thanks For Giving” Community Awards and Celebration Banquet

November 17th at Dumas Community Center

Keynote Speaker, Director Arnell Willis, Arkansas 
Department of Workforce Services

One week prior to Thanksgiving, on Thursday November 17th, the southeast Arkansas community of Dumas/Desha, Gould, Mitchellville, Winchester and other cities will come together to say, “thanks for giving” to the people, companies, ministries and agencies who have given of themselves and their resources- all year long. The event will take place at the Dumas Community Center and begin at 6pm and to benefit TCAA scholarships and rebuilding the West Dumas Community Family Life Center. 

Leaders from the faith, youth, business, government, creative and educational arenas are uniting to bring forth the 2016 City PRIDE “Thanks for Giving” Community Awards and Banquet. This is the 10th annual celebration and awards have been presented to over 50 individuals and organizations including; Hattie Watts, Dumas Clarion, J.C. Mays, Mayor James Berry, Pastor Jasper Jackson, Jr., Dr. Alice M. Hunt, and others who were honored for their service to Dumas and southeast Arkansas. The awards are always a surprise and aimed to inspire the recipients to continue their community service.

Headlining the event with a keynote address focused on uplifting families and communities through education and workforce will be Director Arnell Willis from the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services.   Willis was due in Dumas for the Town-Hall Forum last month but rescheduled due to flight delays and has reset his schedule to speak at the event.  Earlier, Willis had this to say regarding Dumas and the Delta— “My prepared remarks will focus on ADWS vision, mission and the implementation of WIOA, the federal legislation changing the landscape in how Workforce Development Professionals serve their customers.  This major law is designed to help job seekers access employment, education, technical assistance and support services to find job in labor market and match employers with skilled workers to help them compete in global economy.  I will also share my role as the Executive Director of the Workforce Investment Board.   In addition, I will share my story growing up in the delta heartland and how I broke barriers and overcame incredible odds.  Finally, I will share “Lessons Learned” from my mother and aunt who made indelible marks on my character and development. Other speakers and entertainment will be announced later. 

The program will include a feast of some of the best holiday foods catered by The Masters Table of Pine Bluff. Tickets are $20 and ‘Tables of Honor’ are available for companies, families, ministries, etc., who can be sponsors/partners who will join in on the ‘thanks for giving’ chant as presenting partners of this gala to the community. Tickets can be purchased at HMC-Hunt Memorial Cathedral of Faith and other locations  or by calling 870.382.7000

Sunday, October 16, 2016

AR DWS Workforce Investment Board Director Arnell Willis Speaks at Town Hall Forum

On Monday, October 24th from 6pm to 8pm, questions like— what’s next for Dumas? What image are we projecting in Dumas and in the Delta—what image do we want to project? What do our youth want and who will lead them—2016 and beyond are a few key questions that will be asked of leaders, both youth and young adults at the “2016 Decision Time in D-Town—Town Hall Meeting.”

In Part I, Arkansas Department of Workforce Services Director Arnell Willis who heads up the Workforce Development Board is the Keynote Panelist.   He will update the mission, core values and key highlights regarding the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services and its important role assisting many persons across the state and he will shine a spotlight on Dumas/Desha and Southeast AR and will discuss the role of the power of mentoring and education in the workforce.

Additional topics discussed by a panel of community leaders including youth will include: education, jobs, careers, sports and entertainment, faith and spiritual choices, poverty reduction, asset building health and wellness, drug and crime prevention.

In Part II, Our Vote— What Are the Issues?  Who are the Candidates?   A special segment, ‘Let Your Voice Be Heard,’ will focus on the 2016 Election and all candidates for local and state offices for Dumas and Desha are invited to participate and share their platform.   Questions will be asked by the moderator and from the audience.  

A pre-forum reception and site visit for youth and families will take place from 4:30pm—5:30pm with ‘Hugs & Hot Dogs’ at the West Dumas Community Family Life Center at 501 West Bowles. Additional programs from the center will be discussed at the forum.

For more information contact: Rev. Arthur L. Hunt, Jr., D.D., at 870.623.8179, Rev. Stanley Barnes at 501.915.2605 

Monday, September 26, 2016

City PRIDE Dumas Festival Dayz Starts October 1... Mentoring Program Begins October 3rd

A special Festival Day is set for Saturday, October 1st from 12noon to 6pm in conjunction with the Dumas High School Reunion and the City’s Festival activities. Everyone is welcome and the event is free.  Please register and donate at

Up now is redevelopment work at the West Dumas Community Family Life Center with City PRIDE.   City PRIDE will be open all week with ‘Hugs and Hot Dogs’ from 3pm-6pm and will host 

City PRIDE Mentoring and Learning Program After School Sessions Begin on October 3rd  

September City PRIDE activities continue at the West Dumas Community Family Life Center located at 501 West Bowles with ‘Hugs and Hot Dogs’ each Monday-Thursday from 3pm-6pm.  Youth of all ages are welcome to come by.  Youth ages 8-18 can register for additional programs that are available.

Rev. Stanley Barnes and his wife Vickie Barnes, the new staff leaders on site at the center spent their first week in Dumas and served over 100 youth.  “It was a great first week and we are looking forward to serving and empowering as many youth as we can at a place that has a proven legacy for helping people,” stated Rev. Barnes who is Mentoring Director for City PRIDE.  He further stated that this week they will begin registration for the City PRIDE Afterschool Mentoring and Learning Program which starts October 3rd on the campus of HMC- Hunt Memorial Cathedral of Faith located at 225 South Walnut.  The program is set from Monday-Thursday from 3pm-6pm.  For a limited time registration is free.

Children and Youth ages 8-15 will meet at the campus to get help with homework and mentoring support plus there will be a time of fun and games with music, movies and more.  There will also be some sports and recreation events at West Dumas Community Family Center.  The participants will also be served a snack.  

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

New City PRIDE Mentoring Director Starts with “Hugs and Hot Dogs”

  Please register and donate at

The City PRIDE N.W.A. — Now Watch Arkansas Fall Series kicks off the week of September 11 with ‘Hugs and Hot Dogs’ along with and health and beauty complimentary supplies giveaways.  The activities are for children, youth and young adults.  Parents and community leaders are invited to stop by and participate in motivating the youth to do well in school and community service.  During the month of September all activities will take place at the West Dumas Community Family Life Center located at 501 West Bowles, Monday-Friday from 3pm-6pm.   

It will be a regular site to meet and greet Rev. Stanley Barnes and his wife Vicki Barnes as they have relocated to Dumas to work with the new development at the West Dumas Community Family Life Center.  Rev. Barnes will serve as the Mentoring Director for City PRIDE and will also serve on the staff at the center.   

Over the next few weeks the full program for the fall term along with other activities to include new coursework from The College of Aspiring Artists plus the Citywide Worship Celebration series led by Bishop Alfonso Madden.   All programs combine to provide opportunities for everyone to come together and connect with the new educational, mentoring programs plus moments to pray with and for the entire community.  Bishop Madden is the founder of I Am My Brother’s Keeper Scholarship program and will be announcing scholarship opportunities and more from the collaborative efforts. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Final Week for City PRIDE Spring Break Festival- Come One... Come ALL

Wristband Provides Admission to Stage Play and TCAA Film Festival 
(see details in the event schedule below)

Filmmakers, Radio Executives, Models, and Stage Play Head to Dumas for Spring Break Uplift

City PRIDE and N.W.A (Now Watch Arkansas) Spring Break Series is set for the final days this Thursday through Saturday, March 24-26 in Dumas, Arkansas. On Thursday night at 6:45pm at HMC- Hunt Memorial Cathedral of Faith, the Citywide Worship Celebration led by Bishop Alfonso Madden takes place.  In 2015, the city of Dumas suffered greatly because of violence and the untimely death of three of young men; one being the grandson of Bishop Madden.  In an effort to not let their deaths be in vain, Bishop Madden set up the "I Am My Brother Keeper" Memorial Scholarship in honor of Kentarrious Madden, Michael Reeves, and Jeffery Morgan with the mission of reaching other young people in the community by giving them opportunities to have productive lives through education.  The College of Aspiring Artists is providing additional scholarships from its new campus in Dumas. The citywide worship service invites everyone to come together to pray with and for the entire community.

On Friday morning from 11am-1pm a creative class at DTEC will feature image coach and model, Patricia McCullough from Dallas Texas and filmmaker Ken Kautious from Little Rock. They will share insights on image and wardrobe enhancements and preview the feature film, BROKEN GLASS.

On Good Friday evening at 6:45pm, the stage play, Hell Has Changed My Life makes its final appearance at the Arts Center on Main Street. Opening the show will be a spoken-word showcase by North Little Rock teenager, London Alayah Jones.  After the play, there will be a showing of the movie, War Room and a reception.

On Saturday from 11am-11pm, the City PRIDE Film Festival will screen local, regional and major films at the Arts Center. Between the films, Patricia McCullough, Ken Kautious will join other youth and adult panelists to host discussions on how stories in the movies affect the stories in our communities and how leaders can both see and help make a difference and a contribution.  A keynote panelist is J. Eric Mahfouz who is an executive with East Arkansas Broadcasters. Scholarships and cash prizes will be awarded.

Admission to the Friday Creative Class, the play, Hell Has Changed My Life and the City PRIDE Film Festival requires City PRIDE Wristband which is a $10 donation and is available online and at participating locations. All other events are free.  Proceeds are assisting with rebuilding the West Dumas Community Center. The series is being presented by The College of Aspiring Artists and in part by the city of Dumas and HMC- Hunt Memorial Cathedral of Faith. 


1pm- Broken Glass
Meet and Greet Producer Ken Kautious, an American Actor, Vocalist, MC, Songwriter, Film Writer/ Director and Record Producer from Little Rock, AR 

1:15pm- RAW SAW (with producer and cast members present at screening)

3:30pmThe College of Aspiring Artists Leads NWA Panel Discussion with Film Producers and Leaders Who Care:  “How Do We Help Arkansas’ Creative Talents Get Up and Outta Da-Delta into Their Destiny?”
6pm- Straight Outta Compton (or Producer’s Choice)

~Scholarships and Cash Prizes

9:15pm- Selma

11:00 Finale and Getting Ready for What’s Next

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

City PRIDE Launches N.W.A. — Now Watch Arkansas STRAIGHT OUTTA—Dumas-Desha-Da Delta

The Official Wristband Now Available
$10 Limited Time Offer Gets You Into All the Events Plus 
Special Promotions All Week Long. Click the band to Order Now!

Salute: It happened for the hungry souls and creative talents in Compton.  
Can it happen in Da Delta? Oh yes it can and oh yes it is.   

City PRIDE—"Positive Results in Dumas Everyday" announces the first look at the upcoming 2016 Spring Break activities for students, families and creative enterprises in southeast Arkansas.  On March 2nd City PRIDE will launch N.W.A., Now Watch Arkansas and STRAIGHT OUTTA Dumas-Desha-Da Delta, a week-long Spring Break Series which takes place March 19th—March 26th but will also be an ongoing initiative promoting the talents who are looking for— not just ‘a way outta’ the many challenges in the delta but more so ‘the best way out.’

We often hear the ‘talk’ and complaints regarding poverty and the limited programs and opportunities with and for our youth and creative talents; frankly, I am not one who talks and listens only.  There is much talent and many opportunities in Dumas, Desha and the Delta.  Getting the leaders and programs that have the skills and the resources to get on the same page is where the challenge lies.  City PRIDE  aims to work with all persons and organizations who desire to come together to build up and uplift this great human capital in our region,” stated Rev. A. L. Hunt, Jr., earlier.

Four venues, including the Dumas Arts Center, the West Dumas Community Family Life Center, HMC-Hunt Memorial Cathedral of Faith and DTEC is where programs ranging from theatrical productions, spoken-word, creative coursework, musical celebrations, talent competition (for cash prizes and scholarships), citywide worship services, along with a film festival event which features a new film by Dumas filmmakers, RAW SAW.  Over 100 talents from southeast Arkansas will be showcased in the series and over $10,000 in cash prizes and scholarships will be awarded.

City PRIDE will also introduce the CP Wristband which will be used for admission for the spring break series but will also be used throughout the year for admission to other events and ongoing promotions. 

Currently, City PRIDE is looking for vendor-partners including businesses, churches and non-profit partners who will be on site at the events to promote their programs, products and services and to sponsor the CP Wristband which allows students and individuals to pick up complimentary wristbands from their locations. 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

City PRIDE Vision 2016 Dumas/Desha Forum: Who Will Lead Us— 2016 and Beyond?

On Saturday February 6, 2016, City P.R.I.D.E. (Positive Results in Dumas-Everyday), Days of Empowerment Series continue beyond the MLK Holiday Salute held Sunday, January 17th at the Dumas Community Center. 

The day will include a prayer service, forum and luncheon and is scheduled at two locations. From 8:30am-9:30am, a one-hour prayer breakfast focusing on prayers for the city, county and nation will take place at HMC located at 228 Waterman Street.  From 10am-12noon, the Forum/Luncheon will convene at the Dumas Community City located at 18 Belmont Drive.  

Beyond the prayer, two key segments will take place.  Part I, will focus on panelists from within the city and county and from across the state will discuss topics on community empowerment to include:  Education- A New Way Forward, Diversity and Race Relations, Community-Based Mentoring, The Creative Economy and Wealth Creation, Prison Reform and Re-entry, The Role of the Church in the New America- Civil Rights or Biblical Rights and Healthy and Prosperous Living.

Part II will focus on hearing from the candidates who are seeking office for the March 1st Primary.  Candidates will respond to the Vision 2016 Dumas/Desha presentation and share their vision for the region.

Stanley Barnes (pictured below with Gov. Asa Hutchinson) of Hot Springs has been selected to deliver the keynote address and serve as one of the facilitators at the City PRIDE ‘Day of Empowerment’ set for February 6, 2016. The day will include a prayer service, forum and luncheon and is scheduled at two locations. From 8:30am-9:30am, a one-hour prayer breakfast focusing on prayers for the city, county and nation will take place at HMC located at 228 Waterman Street.  From 10am-12:30pm, the Forum/Luncheon will convene at the Dumas Community City located at 18 Belmont Drive.  

Stanley Barnes has over 32 years of leadership and quality experience in youth and adult mentoring, mental health, sports and community based programs. Since 1983, Mr. Barnes has held supervisory and leadership roles at prominent companies, organizations and agencies across the state. He currently serves as The Reach & Rise Mentoring Program Director for The Hot Springs Family YMCA, the Co-Commissioner for AAU Youth Football for the State of Arkansas and is the founder and CEO of Building Bridges/Mending Fences Mentoring.

Mr. Barnes was recently honored as one top five nominees for the first annual Honorable Judge Vicki Shaw Cook Award of Distinction and was given a proclamation by the mayor in Hot Springs and the Governor of Arkansas for mentoring.  In January 2016, Mr. Barnes was given a proclamation for mentoring by Mayor Ruth Carney of Hot Springs and Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson declaring January as “National Mentoring Month in Arkansas” and was asked to deliver a mentoring salute at the State Capitol during The Proclamation Rally for MLK Holiday, while issuing a charge and a challenge for more people to get involved especially men.

Barnes was recently selected by the teen television series, R-U Tomorrow, to be included in a 10-part mini-series entitled “Why Kids Commit Crimes,” where he, his work and his mentoring program will be highlighted for others to see his success while sharing solutions for change for ALL youth. Production is set for February 12 & 13, 2016 in Hot Springs, AR.

Candidates who would like to participate and or persons and organizations who want to team up with City PRIDE may call 870.623.8179.  The conference and luncheon is free but donations are desired and appreciated. 

The event is being presented by City PRIDE, HMC-Hunt Memorial Cathedral of Faith, The College of Aspiring Artists, Way Maker Ministries along with support from local ministries and community organizations. 
Registration and seating is limited. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


We have the Role Models Two Men of Color Who Prove to All that:  All Men are Created Equally! 

Salute to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and
President Barack Obama

For tickets please send request to    A limit of two tickets per person. All persons are welcome to attend. Available on a first come first serve basis. 

Program includes:  Theatre- Dance-Spoken-word- Keynote Address and much more. 

Check back on Friday for Final Program