Thursday, September 21, 2017

Otis Block, Sr. Honored with Community and Statewide Legacy Salute and Awards Program

On Saturday, September 30th 2017, Otis Block, Sr., will be honored by local and statewide leaders for his 40 plus years as a ‘Master Builder and Architect’ in the Arkansas Delta. He will be presented awards for outstanding leadership as a community and economic developer for work and services he has rendered to hundreds of persons, programs and ministry endeavors.  A key salute will come from pastors who were able to get new churches constructed uniquely through the services and resources provided by Mr. Block.

Mr. Block is known across the state and expanded regions for his signature works of creative design on hundreds of homes, churches, fireplaces, buildings, etc., and is a man that remains in high demand. 
The salute will honor him as a builder of ‘brick and mortar’ structures but also for his philanthropic works where he has supported many causes and initiatives in Arkansas as well as other locations inside and outside of the USA.

The salute will be at HMC- Hunt Memorial Cathedral of Faith located at 225 S. Walnut in Dumas.  All gifts and contributions will go to Mr. Otis Block.   The event will begin at 6pm.

Additional details regarding the organizers and program participants will be announced on September 27 in the Dumas Clarion. 

Monday, May 1, 2017

Arkansas Alive 5/1/17: National Day of Prayer

In case you missed the live program.  Here's the full show.  We are always praying with and for Dumas and the Arkansas Region

Join us at HMC for National Day of Prayer from 6pm-7pm.  Let's pray God's power forward in Dumas-Desha and Da-Delta.
NOW Showing.... VTN- Victory Television Network National Day of Prayer Special with Pastor Happy Caldwell and Pastor Arthur L.Hunt, Jr.- Hear Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson Share Uplifting Scriptures and St. Mary Harris Share an Aftercare Prison Vision- I'm sharing a Biblical Unveiling in the Nation with Rev. Dr. MLK-jr Together we are Praying for you and for our Nation From the ARK.
Watch the 30-minute program, share, pray and join us- NDP 2017
For His GREAT Name's Sake: Oh Lord, Hear Us-Forgive Us-Heal Us

Sunday, April 9, 2017

THE SPRING 2017 SUMMIT: Boys 2 Men and Girls to Women- Starts Right Here!

City PRIDE—"Positive Results in Dumas Everyday" is hosting “Boys 2 Men and Girls 2 Women” Weekend Summit this Friday and Saturday, April 14th and 15th at HMC and the West Dumas Community Family Life Center.  Young men who grew up in Dumas and are pursuing careers in other cities and states are coming home for a weekend to uplift and empower youth and young adults in Dumas. The women who are participating will be announced on the City PRIDE website this Thursday.   The number “2” places emphasis on creating a team of two who can stay connected for accountability and motivation which helps both persons stay on track.
Christopher(Chris) McGehee and Samaje Brown, (organizers) are outstanding musicians and ministers who will start the weekend summit at HMC-Hunt Memorial Cathedral of Faith at 7pm on Friday.  On Saturday from 3pm-6pm they will huddle at the West Dumas Community Family Life Center for ‘straight talk’ with youth ages 13-19 to discuss the issues ranging from music, education, ministry and how to beat the odds and avoid the traps that hold you back.

Free-play on the courts and playground equipment in the park will be available and “Hugs and Hot Dogs” will be served.   Additional items will be available for purchase to help with the restoration of the center.A clean-up campaign to help get the park ready starts at 9am on Saturday morning at the Life Center. Bring your lawn equipment and your scrub gear for the playground equipment. 

On Saturday night at 7pm they will return to HMC for a night of empowerment with speakers, music and strategies to help to build a better Dumas- TODAY!
The event is presented in part by The Legacy Assignment 2017.