Tuesday, February 16, 2016

City PRIDE Launches N.W.A. — Now Watch Arkansas STRAIGHT OUTTA—Dumas-Desha-Da Delta

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Salute: It happened for the hungry souls and creative talents in Compton.  
Can it happen in Da Delta? Oh yes it can and oh yes it is.   

City PRIDE—"Positive Results in Dumas Everyday" announces the first look at the upcoming 2016 Spring Break activities for students, families and creative enterprises in southeast Arkansas.  On March 2nd City PRIDE will launch N.W.A., Now Watch Arkansas and STRAIGHT OUTTA Dumas-Desha-Da Delta, a week-long Spring Break Series which takes place March 19th—March 26th but will also be an ongoing initiative promoting the talents who are looking for— not just ‘a way outta’ the many challenges in the delta but more so ‘the best way out.’

We often hear the ‘talk’ and complaints regarding poverty and the limited programs and opportunities with and for our youth and creative talents; frankly, I am not one who talks and listens only.  There is much talent and many opportunities in Dumas, Desha and the Delta.  Getting the leaders and programs that have the skills and the resources to get on the same page is where the challenge lies.  City PRIDE  aims to work with all persons and organizations who desire to come together to build up and uplift this great human capital in our region,” stated Rev. A. L. Hunt, Jr., earlier.

Four venues, including the Dumas Arts Center, the West Dumas Community Family Life Center, HMC-Hunt Memorial Cathedral of Faith and DTEC is where programs ranging from theatrical productions, spoken-word, creative coursework, musical celebrations, talent competition (for cash prizes and scholarships), citywide worship services, along with a film festival event which features a new film by Dumas filmmakers, RAW SAW.  Over 100 talents from southeast Arkansas will be showcased in the series and over $10,000 in cash prizes and scholarships will be awarded.

City PRIDE will also introduce the CP Wristband which will be used for admission for the spring break series but will also be used throughout the year for admission to other events and ongoing promotions. 

Currently, City PRIDE is looking for vendor-partners including businesses, churches and non-profit partners who will be on site at the events to promote their programs, products and services and to sponsor the CP Wristband which allows students and individuals to pick up complimentary wristbands from their locations.