Monday, September 26, 2016

City PRIDE Dumas Festival Dayz Starts October 1... Mentoring Program Begins October 3rd

A special Festival Day is set for Saturday, October 1st from 12noon to 6pm in conjunction with the Dumas High School Reunion and the City’s Festival activities. Everyone is welcome and the event is free.  Please register and donate at

Up now is redevelopment work at the West Dumas Community Family Life Center with City PRIDE.   City PRIDE will be open all week with ‘Hugs and Hot Dogs’ from 3pm-6pm and will host 

City PRIDE Mentoring and Learning Program After School Sessions Begin on October 3rd  

September City PRIDE activities continue at the West Dumas Community Family Life Center located at 501 West Bowles with ‘Hugs and Hot Dogs’ each Monday-Thursday from 3pm-6pm.  Youth of all ages are welcome to come by.  Youth ages 8-18 can register for additional programs that are available.

Rev. Stanley Barnes and his wife Vickie Barnes, the new staff leaders on site at the center spent their first week in Dumas and served over 100 youth.  “It was a great first week and we are looking forward to serving and empowering as many youth as we can at a place that has a proven legacy for helping people,” stated Rev. Barnes who is Mentoring Director for City PRIDE.  He further stated that this week they will begin registration for the City PRIDE Afterschool Mentoring and Learning Program which starts October 3rd on the campus of HMC- Hunt Memorial Cathedral of Faith located at 225 South Walnut.  The program is set from Monday-Thursday from 3pm-6pm.  For a limited time registration is free.

Children and Youth ages 8-15 will meet at the campus to get help with homework and mentoring support plus there will be a time of fun and games with music, movies and more.  There will also be some sports and recreation events at West Dumas Community Family Center.  The participants will also be served a snack.  

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

New City PRIDE Mentoring Director Starts with “Hugs and Hot Dogs”

  Please register and donate at

The City PRIDE N.W.A. — Now Watch Arkansas Fall Series kicks off the week of September 11 with ‘Hugs and Hot Dogs’ along with and health and beauty complimentary supplies giveaways.  The activities are for children, youth and young adults.  Parents and community leaders are invited to stop by and participate in motivating the youth to do well in school and community service.  During the month of September all activities will take place at the West Dumas Community Family Life Center located at 501 West Bowles, Monday-Friday from 3pm-6pm.   

It will be a regular site to meet and greet Rev. Stanley Barnes and his wife Vicki Barnes as they have relocated to Dumas to work with the new development at the West Dumas Community Family Life Center.  Rev. Barnes will serve as the Mentoring Director for City PRIDE and will also serve on the staff at the center.   

Over the next few weeks the full program for the fall term along with other activities to include new coursework from The College of Aspiring Artists plus the Citywide Worship Celebration series led by Bishop Alfonso Madden.   All programs combine to provide opportunities for everyone to come together and connect with the new educational, mentoring programs plus moments to pray with and for the entire community.  Bishop Madden is the founder of I Am My Brother’s Keeper Scholarship program and will be announcing scholarship opportunities and more from the collaborative efforts.