Thursday, September 21, 2017

Otis Block, Sr. Honored with Community and Statewide Legacy Salute and Awards Program

On Saturday, September 30th 2017, Otis Block, Sr., will be honored by local and statewide leaders for his 40 plus years as a ‘Master Builder and Architect’ in the Arkansas Delta. He will be presented awards for outstanding leadership as a community and economic developer for work and services he has rendered to hundreds of persons, programs and ministry endeavors.  A key salute will come from pastors who were able to get new churches constructed uniquely through the services and resources provided by Mr. Block.

Mr. Block is known across the state and expanded regions for his signature works of creative design on hundreds of homes, churches, fireplaces, buildings, etc., and is a man that remains in high demand. 
The salute will honor him as a builder of ‘brick and mortar’ structures but also for his philanthropic works where he has supported many causes and initiatives in Arkansas as well as other locations inside and outside of the USA.

The salute will be at HMC- Hunt Memorial Cathedral of Faith located at 225 S. Walnut in Dumas.  All gifts and contributions will go to Mr. Otis Block.   The event will begin at 6pm.

Additional details regarding the organizers and program participants will be announced on September 27 in the Dumas Clarion.